Saturday, August 8, 2009


I just got finished watching this film, and I have to admit I enjoyed it more than I thought I was going to.

For those who do not know anything about this film, it's about a teen girl who is a strong advocate for abstinence and wearing the Jonas brothers purity ring. She is prudish, squeaky clean, and way too Doris Day. who can blame her when she has a mother dying of what appears to be cancer (apparently caused by the fact they live next to a nuclear power plant), a father who has no guts to stand up to anyone, and a step brother who torments her because he is actually madly in love with her and can't have sex with her. No wonder she is Ivory Soap on legs.

Well she gets hooked up with this guy she is seriously attracted to at a purity hoedown and they start dating. She wants to take it the next step but nightmarish visions tell her it is wrong. They break up, but then after a blow up in the family she freaks out and runs to her lover boy. They go for a swim, hormones start to wriggle their way through, and the next thing you know he is raping our beloved female protagonist. She screams at him to stop, he doesn't then suddenly CHOMP off goes his penis.

The rest of the film deals with our female lead dealing with this fact as well as her family issue and her own sexual awakening. Plus the fact that she realizes she is inhabiting a legendary myth: Vagina Dentata. Plus, she realizes the power of her pussy and the damage it can cause to anyone who wrongs her.

The film, like I said, surprised me. It honestly had the feel of an exploitation film you would see in the 70s in a drive in or a run down theater. I am sure this film will also cause a few men cross their legs, because while they never show the actual dentata ( a choice I actually liked a lot) they do show the carnage. One moment you are cringing then laughing at how wrong what you are seeing is.

I do recommend checking it out, and this film while it is serious does have a cheese factor to it, which is what made me enjoy it more than I thought.

OK that is all for now but do not worry, I will be back soon with a look at a really cheesy film

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