Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"The Italian Stallion"

For my first offering of cheese, I am presenting to you a really ripe piece of cinematic cheese known as "The Italian Stallion".

Sylvester Stallone made this film prior to making "Rocky", and it was originally released as a porn called "The Party At Kitty And Stud's". It was edited down and released theatrically after "Rocky" was released, and is one of the most infamous Grindhouse films ever made.

Stallone plays Stud, a horny angry man who decides that he and his girl Kitty, who likes it rough, is going to host a party filled with booze, drugs, dancing, a giant ass mirror, and sex. They decide this after they have sex and after Stud whips Kitty with his belt. The rest of the film is nothing but full frontal unshaven 70s bush on parade, as the most unsexiest people roll around naked doing an arthouse experimental porn film. Complete with a scene containing a woman douching herself. At the end of it all, they roll around on each other then partake in a pagan dance of....something. The exact dance is still unknown.

Isn't that sexy?

Here is the trailer of this cinematic experience.

I do have to tell you though, that the film is painful to sit through. You actually feel sorry for him. With that said, I highly suggest searching the film out. It is one of those films that one must experience before one dies, just so they can say "yes I have seen that film". Besides, after seeing Stallone's dance movies, how can you resist?

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